Education and Children

As parents we know that our children need latticework services to thrive: loving families, good schools, and safe neighborhoods. Yet New Yorkers now struggle with the deepest cuts to childcare and after-school programs in decades.

Many parents have been told that the childcare they depend on to keep their jobs and protect their children is no longer available. Teachers have been told to pack up and go home. Children have been told that support they counted on is no longer there. As Annarose’s mom and as the daughter and sister of New York City public school teachers, I know first-hand that it is vital for our school’s primary stakeholders – parents and community leaders and dedicated public servants – to hold key roles in our school system’s decision-making process.The job of the Public Advocate is to make sure that all New Yorkers benefit from decisions made by our mayor, to point out problems, and offer solutions. Educating our children is a big part of this. I’ll make sure your voice is heard.

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