Why I am Running and What I will Do as Your Public Advocate

We must address education as part of the whole life of the child; we must focus on the issue of housing for both our middle class and our most vulnerable, and we must protect both our union members and our small business owners. And we must start now.

New York City has always been a great city – The City – and together we will make sure it holds its place as the greatest city in the world. As a mother, educator, and advocate, I join you in recognizing that the future of our city is not only paramount, it is also personal.

Our city faces key challenges. Unemployment is unbearable. People are losing their homes. The strength of our schools is at stake. Businesses are overwhelmed by bureaucratic paperwork. We are losing confidence in our leaders.

I am running to give voice to everyone from each of our boroughs, from the threatened middle class to the most vulnerable New Yorkers – the poor, the newly arrived.

I live in Manhattan now, love Manhattan and recognize it as our city’s economic engine.
And I lived much of my life in Staten Island and Brooklyn, two of our city’s four other boroughs that together with Queens and the Bronx house a full 80-percent of New York City’s population.

Everyone in each of our five boroughs needs and deserves proper representation. I’m running to do just that.

As Public Advocate, I will serve as the voice – that is heard and responded to – for all New Yorkers:

For business owners and union members, for children and families, and for our most vulnerable. I’m running to remind us all that this is a FIVE-Borough conversation and that all New Yorkers must have a seat at the table.

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