Guerriero Statement On NYC Council Overrides

Cathy Guerriero, candidate for New York City Public Advocate released the following statement regarding the New York City Council’s override of Mayor Bloomberg’s veto on their bill to impose on the New York Police Department an inspector general who will review policies and practices of the next police commissioner. Guerriero also spoke out against the passage and consequent council override of the mayoral veto on the bill that will allow looser identifiers regarding citizen lawsuits against the NYPD.

“The passing and NYC Council override of the mayor’s veto of these two bills, more than anything, puts the NYPD in a confused state. There is a sense of uncertainty that has taken over operations. Who is in charge? The federal monitor? The Inspector General? The Police Commissioner? The Mayor? Who, in fact, now runs the NYPD?

“These laws destroy morale. They create hesitation. Whether it was the quotas that started this, or these laws that have now been passed, it has been mostly politics-as-usual that has tainted Stop, Question and Frisk. These bills will not only affect the safety of our community, but also the safety of the men and women of the NYPD.

“What is unfair about these laws is that they place the police at the center of the controversy without any direction. The officers on the ground will bear the brunt of this confusion.

What is the fix? I believe that with all the expertise the NYPD has, they are more than able to address issues with Stop, Question and Frisk from within, but they must be free of political pressure and election year grand-standing.”

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